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Regulatory and Intellectual Property Questions Surround Mars Colony

Bruce Furst

Experienced in content production and distribution, Bruce Furst has engaged with major media outlets from the Paramount Pictures Film Library to King Features Syndicate. Bruce Furst also leads the Intergalactic Royalty Operations Corporation (IROC), which is set up to license and distribute recorded music for broadcast to listeners beyond the Earth.

IROC’s launch, in late 2016, coincided with President Barack Obama’s statement on the need for collaboration between private innovators and government agencies in sending humans to Mars. A recent event at Austin’s Capital Factory featured Mars One founder and CEO Bas Lansdorp talking about the costs, feasibility, and passenger qualities needed to achieve a Mars colony. His company is presently engaged in vetting and recruiting candidates who would be willing to commit to one-way travel to the Red Planet.
One major capital-raising strategy involves selling naming rights for Mars’ first city to the highest bidder. With humans projected to arrive on Mars within the decade, Mr. Furst raised a question at the event as to the legal jurisdiction of Mars’ initial city, which will require physical and intellectual property rights protection.

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