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iRoc Attends Unique Mars One Presentation

Bruce Furst

Bruce Furst is an experienced music and film producer based in Austin, Texas. Bruce Furst also maintains a leadership role with Intergalactic Royalty Operations Corporation (iRoc), an off world copyright and distribution services provider.

iRoc representatives recently attended a presentation by Mars One's chief executive officer and founder Bas Lansdorp. While speaking at the Capital Factory in Austin, Texas, Ms. Lansdorp discussed the viability and expenses associated with colonizing Mars. He spoke at length about recruiting efforts for astronauts interested in accepting a one-way ticket to the planet, describing Mars as “the next continent.” By some estimates, colonization processes could begin on the red planet within the next decade.
The presentation also touched on a unique possibility for funding colonization efforts. Mars One is exploring the legal channels involved with naming a city on Mars and hopes to sell the naming rights at a significant cost. The name Gatesville, for example, has been made available to Microsoft chairman Bill Gates at the price of $6 billion.

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