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FCC Approves SpaceX Satellite Proposal

Bruce Furst

Based in Austin, Texas, Bruce Furst leverages his nearly two decades of experience in the music and film industries to guide music licensing company Ashber Corporation. Bruce Furst recently formed Intergalactic Royalty Operations Corporation (iRoc) with the aim of extending the licensing industry into space. The company hopes to partner with Elon Musk and his private space exploration company, SpaceX.

In 2002, SpaceX was founded with the goal of developing cutting-edge technology to facilitate space travel and make it possible for humans to live on other planets. In the 16 years since it began, SpaceX has broken several scientific and space-travel barriers, including sending the first private spacecraft to the International Space Station.

Recently, the FCC approved SpaceX's proposal to utilize its rocket technology to send broadband satellites into space. The company's proposal includes launching a pair of experimental satellites using its Falcon 9 rocket, with the ultimate goal of using these satellites to provide broadband Internet service to rural and hard-to-reach regions in the United States. Analysts have suggested these satellites may also be part of the eventual "Internet of outer space" that Musk has stated he would like to build for future Mars colonists.

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